automotive dent puller and Re-Grip
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“It helps facilitate in minimizing injuries, it also adds comfort and ergonomics to assist with preventing repetitive motion disorders.” 
~Oil & Gas Journal
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
"It was so easy to install and WOW did it make a world of difference" 
Kathy D - Madison, WI

"I am embarrassed to say that I am addicted to RE-GRIP.  I have literally put it on almost every tool in my garage"  
Terry S - Portland, OR

"Working as a mechanic, I use tools every day.  I can honestly say that RE-GRIP has lessoned my fatigue and provides great comfort"  
Harrison M - Miami, FL

"My husband and I just installed one on our exercise machine.  The grips were foam and all worn and crumbling into pieces.  We installed RE-GRIP in less than 5 seconds and it is actually more comfortable and better than when it was new" 
- Kylie R - Oxnard, CA

"I am an avid gardner and most of my hand gardening tools have hard handles.  I bought your product and it was absolutely fantastic.  It was so easy and comfortable.  Thank you RE-GRIP" 
Michelle R - Norfolk, VA

"I put one on my flashlight and instantly noticed how comfortable it was.  I also noticed that when it is cold it easily is 20 degrees warmer when I grab the grip.  That might sound weird, but it is awesome"  
- Luke P - Southlake, TX

"Having Re-Grips handy on our trucks has been great. Every time we need a replacement grip on a construction site, we simply grab a Re-Grip and in seconds we are back up and running. It minimizes downtime while maintaining our safety requirements, which are both critical to any business." 
- Jamie B, Temecula, CA

RE-GRIP is for all walks of life; whether you are a mechanic, construction worker, plumber, sports enthusiast or a weekend gardner, RE-GRIP will  make your job or hobby that much more enjoyable.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:
“It puts money in your pocket and grips on your tools” 
~Product News Review
Slip It ... 
Zip It ... 
Re-Grip It!
“I can easily see how it can be used on so many things. I installed it on my rototiller handles and it was awesome. It minimized the vibration and actually adds a lot of comfort.” 
-Carter D. San Antonio, TX

“I am a repeat offender. I now have it on multiple tools and I am an avid gardener.” 
-Nina S. Altoona, Pennsylvania
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